Originators of the 1% down payment​

Established in 2016, Gotham Bail is a leader in the bail bonds industry, trail-blazing the path with the lowest prices available while consistently providing excellent service by being there when you need them most. 

Gotham Bail Bonds offers affordable payment plans starting at $99 a month. Call in today and see what payment plans are available for your bond 866-955-2999.

We offer our honorable clients with a discount of 30%.
You qualify if you are any of the following:
Union member
Active or former military
Senior citizen
Putting up collateral
Paying in full
Retain private council
Work in law enforcement

Premium bills are renewable when they relapse after a grace period signed upon the contract. Gotham Bail Bonds signs non-renewable bond premiums – meaning unlike other bail agencies, you only have to pay us once!

Request to get picked up in one of our Gotham Bail Bonds luxurious cars or the option of a limo service after bailing out for a ride to our client office or to your home upon leaving your jail location.  

Gotham Bail Bonds offers free inmate booking info so you can stay updated with the status of your loved one. Contact our bail assistants for booking info at 866-955-2999.

Our services

Bail Bonds

Gotham Bail Bonds provides Free inmate booking info, Quick approvals, Large and Small bonds, and E Bail Bonds for the convenience of bailing out a loved one from the comfort of your own home!

Immigration Bonds

We have professional experience dealing with immigration bonds, helping countless numbers of detainees gain their freedom while reuniting them with their families.

Court Bonds

Charged with a crime and don’t want to be arrested in Court? Call Us today and we will make sure one our agents is there in court with you ready to post the bond ensuring you never go into custody!

Warrant Bonds

If you have a warrant for your arrest you can be arrested at anytime anywhere, call us today to ensure you are not arrested during an inconvenient moment – or better yet, at all!

VIP Services

The Gotham Bail Bonds defendant VIP services allow clients to skip being seen at a bail bonds office. Our professional agents will pick you up and drop you off in a luxury or limo type vehicle, and even offer you home services.

Attorney Services

As a bail agency we understand how expensive attorney services can get. Gotham Bail Bonds offers a lower rate, always giving our clients the best deal for their hard earned money.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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With Gotham Bail Bonds, getting a loved one out of jail doesn’t have to be difficult. With offices conveniently located throughout the California and nationwide service, our Bail Bond services are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

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